Thursday, August 6, 2009

Your Purse Must Haves For School

Hey, girls. So today's topic is stuff you may want to consider taking to school with you in your purse, I'm just gonna make a list for you. Remember every thing I put doesn't mean you have to take it, it's just what i take and think might help you.
* Gum, because bad breath is a very bad thing.
*A water bottle, because you stay hydrated and its good for your skin.
*Camera, for all those middle school high school moments you never wanta forget.
*Cell Phone, just in case.
*At least 5 dollars,for food or a drink.
*Pad+Tampon, because you just never know who will need it.
*Band aid, cause I find if i have them i don't need them.
*Chap stick.
*Bolting paper, because if you face has oil on it that you can see that's bad, so you wanta blot.
*Touch up powder, if you wear face makeup.
*Mascara, Because if your tired it just makes you look more awake.
* Black+brown eyeliner, touch ups.
* A hair tie that matches your hair color.
* What ever lip products you used that day.



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