Thursday, August 6, 2009

Starting Out On The Right foot

Hey, guys I'm Kylie I love makeup,hair,fashion, and well all that fun jazz!!! I decided to make this blog not only because I love all of the girly stuff, but because I feel like there are alot of girls that are beautiful and don't know it, or do and just don't feel like other people think so. I know probably just as well as those girls how it feels, being a teenager isn't always fun.You look at your self differently then other people see you. I'm a teenager so I know its hard, your thinking Oh my gosh that girls so pretty I wanta look like her, but truthfully she's probably thinking the same thing about you.

In the blog post coming up I'm gonna explain tips and tricks to help you feel and look great. If you ever need tips showing you how to do stuff go to YouTube and type in what your looking for.

I'm Here for you guys to learn from and talk to!!!!


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