Friday, August 7, 2009

Firstday of School Makeup

Hey,girls so today I'm gonna give you a few tips for school makeup.
So as most people do you probably wanta look awesome the first day of school, well that doesn't mean packing on the makeup and looking fake. If you wear face makeup make sure you wear a little not alot, and set it with a face powder , and you want your face to match your neck so make sure to get your makeup blended down there to. Never wear to much bronzer you'll look orange.
Eye makeup is one thing most people over do,and some just wear black thick eye liner.Well let me be the first to say that is not attractive, but neither is over doing the eye shadow and have it so bright it's unwearable. Just wear a neutral eye shadow look with brown eye liner and mascara.
For lips all I can say is if your in middle school or high school red lips might be a bad idea.


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