Sunday, September 27, 2009

Since WHen Do People Get to Tell Me That 13 is to Young for Makeup

Hey guys,
So while on google just like two minutes ago i came a cross a article on people saying that 13 is tpo young for makeup, Abercrombie,Perfume, Thongs, And expensive brands!!! Okay so I get the whole thong thing that is kinda weird but when your start saying that were to young for abercrombie and makeup and even perfume really what gives you the right to decide!!!
Were teenagers we don't wanta smell bad look ugly or wear stupid clothes.
some people just make me so mad sometimes.
Leave your feelings on this topic below.

Monday, September 7, 2009


Hey guys,
So sorry i haven't made a blog in a while. So Where have i been? Well school just started so i've had home work but any way... I don't have any ideas for post so comment below and give me ideas.... I'll deffently be making more post soon.
So again im sorry and im off to do home work


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Date looks

Some of you might be getting to that age where you want to date. Unfortunetly people overdo make up and dress to fancy. With makeup you want to go with natural colors. A lot of boys dont like when girls dress to fancy or put on to much makeup. With clothes I would suggest going with cute, casual clothes like jeans and a nice t-shirt. Now that you are ready to go on a date have fun and remember thats its normal to get nervous or have those butterflies in your stomach. Until next time..

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fashion Tips

Hey girls, So as I say when i give you tips you dont have to take them all and use them its just what I do.

Ok so i suggest picking up a seventeen mag, because i don't do alot of fashion but this is what i can tell you. Ok so First off never wear something thats so tight on top that your chest is gonna be smashed. second I suggest getting a cardigan because there nicer then sweat shirts but still keep you warm. I do like sweat shirts though but I have both so I wear a sweat shirt when I don't wanta be so fashionable. Okay So if your jeans are so tight they make you have bulges over them there to tight and it makes you look fat even if you weight 100 pounds.

Okay so for jewelery don't over do it, maybe so earring and a necklace or earrings and a bracelet.Now with color Wear more then one and extenuate one by using more than one.



Hello. I did not get a chance to formally introduce myself. I am Rachel and I am a very big tom boy. I just started wearing makeup 3 months ago but I already know so much about it. I am a very social but smart person. Of course I am not musically gifted. I am an animal lover and I protest when it comes to pollution and hurting our planet. I love to read and I am very good at sports. You will see my blogs on here next to Kylie's. I hop I get to help a lot of girls out there.


Friday, August 7, 2009

Firstday of School Makeup

Hey,girls so today I'm gonna give you a few tips for school makeup.
So as most people do you probably wanta look awesome the first day of school, well that doesn't mean packing on the makeup and looking fake. If you wear face makeup make sure you wear a little not alot, and set it with a face powder , and you want your face to match your neck so make sure to get your makeup blended down there to. Never wear to much bronzer you'll look orange.
Eye makeup is one thing most people over do,and some just wear black thick eye liner.Well let me be the first to say that is not attractive, but neither is over doing the eye shadow and have it so bright it's unwearable. Just wear a neutral eye shadow look with brown eye liner and mascara.
For lips all I can say is if your in middle school or high school red lips might be a bad idea.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Your Purse Must Haves For School

Hey, girls. So today's topic is stuff you may want to consider taking to school with you in your purse, I'm just gonna make a list for you. Remember every thing I put doesn't mean you have to take it, it's just what i take and think might help you.
* Gum, because bad breath is a very bad thing.
*A water bottle, because you stay hydrated and its good for your skin.
*Camera, for all those middle school high school moments you never wanta forget.
*Cell Phone, just in case.
*At least 5 dollars,for food or a drink.
*Pad+Tampon, because you just never know who will need it.
*Band aid, cause I find if i have them i don't need them.
*Chap stick.
*Bolting paper, because if you face has oil on it that you can see that's bad, so you wanta blot.
*Touch up powder, if you wear face makeup.
*Mascara, Because if your tired it just makes you look more awake.
* Black+brown eyeliner, touch ups.
* A hair tie that matches your hair color.
* What ever lip products you used that day.