Saturday, August 8, 2009

Fashion Tips

Hey girls, So as I say when i give you tips you dont have to take them all and use them its just what I do.

Ok so i suggest picking up a seventeen mag, because i don't do alot of fashion but this is what i can tell you. Ok so First off never wear something thats so tight on top that your chest is gonna be smashed. second I suggest getting a cardigan because there nicer then sweat shirts but still keep you warm. I do like sweat shirts though but I have both so I wear a sweat shirt when I don't wanta be so fashionable. Okay So if your jeans are so tight they make you have bulges over them there to tight and it makes you look fat even if you weight 100 pounds.

Okay so for jewelery don't over do it, maybe so earring and a necklace or earrings and a bracelet.Now with color Wear more then one and extenuate one by using more than one.


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